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It is tough to sell subscriptions to online content and unrealistic to expect users changing their habits from free to fee. We have a better solution SmartSubscribe that can be leveraged to allow for precisely personalized and customizable subject matter subscriptions driven contextually from any unique piece of content. Similarly as our SmartSearch solution, SmartSubscribe can be deployed to feed the future needs and desires of your users driven by any unique content piece users interacted with today. Provide your users with SmartSubscribe, a dynamically relational future search technology allowing future delivery of subject content that is important to each unique user and can be monetized with targeted search ad inventory or sold to your email advertisers.

Coupled to SmartAds technology, SmartSubscribe works in ad-targeted synergy.

If your network delivers at least 50 million pageviews per month, please contact us for a custom proposal and simulation geared towards your unique audience base.



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