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Each unique content piece users interact with typically stimulate a need or desire to know more about the subject at hand as well as its relations. Provide your users with SmartSearch, a dynamically relational search technology that can be tied to your archived content and monetized with targeted search ad inventory. Leverage SmartSearch and make it easy for your users to feed their research desires from your site within the content of interaction. Keep them at your interface and drive more pageviews creating more opportunities to monetize those activities in a targeted way.

Coupled to SmartAds technology, SmartSearch works in ad-targeted synergy. Please also see SmartSubscribe to learn how users that you were not able to satisfy immediately can leave subject content requests that are important to them for future delivery.

If your network delivers at least 50 million pageviews per month, please contact us for a custom proposal and simulation geared towards your unique audience base.



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